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Doubling Renewable Energy will Save Money & Avoid Climate Catastrophe, says IRENA

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A 36% renewable energy in the global energy mix is possible, affordable and helps mitigate climate change

The world faces an important energy choice, according to a new report launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency in New York today. “REmap 2030” says that scaling-up renewable energy to 36% of the world’s total final energy consumption by 2030 is possible, affordable and will keep the world on a trajectory consistent with a CO2 level of 450 ppm, the widely accepted threshold to limit global temperature increase to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2100.

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ACORE The Outlook for Renewable Energy in America: 2014 (cover)

ACORE’s Outlook for Renewable Energy in America: 2014

JBS News Renewable Energy.

The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) today announced the release of The Outlook for Renewable Energy in America: 2014, jointly authored by U.S. renewable energy trade associations from the power, thermal, and fuel sectors.

The Outlook assesses the renewable energy marketplace and forecasts the future of each renewable energy technology sector, from the perspectives of each of the associations, and provides a list of policy recommendations by the respective associations that would encourage continued industry growth.

The full (and fascinating) report is available for download in PDF format within the article.

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Harrison Ford all people need nature.

Climate Change, The Biggest Story of Our Time [2 Videos]

JBS News Renewable Energy.

Climate Change. James Cameron says it is “the biggest story of our time” in a fresh nine-part documentary series airing on SHOWTIME that looks at our Earth, its climate and the effects of changing climate on people and local economies.

Actors, economists, and political leaders set out as reporters traveling the globe in search of the effects of climate change.

Watch the 2-minute trailer and the first of the nine episodes right here.

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Actual Distribution of Wealth in America

Wealth Distribution in America | Off the charts!

JBS News. Wealth Distribution in America is not what you think it is!

Watch this 6-minute video to see just how wrong our perceptions are about how the total wealth of the United States is shared between the different groups of people. “The Poor” and “The Middle Class” and “The Rich” are compared to “The Wealthy” in this video. What you will see is mind-blowing.

The total wealth of the United States (in 2009) was 54 Trillion dollars. Let’s see how that is distributed between all these different socio-economic groups, shall we?

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