Christopher Hitchens: The Iron Lady’s Sex Appeal | MY COMMENT

Christopher Hitchens: The Iron Lady’s Sex Appeal — The Huffington Post – Canada
Danielle Crittenden, Managing Editor of The Huffington Post  January 12, 2012

MY COMMENT — Such writing! A cross between Shakespear­e and Robin Leach’s “Lifestyle­s of the Rich and Famous” always drawing you further in to a particular moment — where he wanted you all along — so that you could see what he saw.

That his politics were almost diametrica­lly opposed to my own and same goes for his religious views and who knows what other subjects we would have disagreed on — I couldn’t have cared less!

He was right about people who are great personalit­ies and also happen to be female. My own view on this; people are either great – or just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Life can keep one busy you know. Greatness sometimes must wait for an appropriat­e time.

Hitchens, Thatcher, Reagan, Gandhi, Churchill, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and others, in spite of, or maybe on account of, previous incredible personal hardships found their greatness much earlier than most. Politics aside, our civilizati­on has been much enriched by them. And that’s the whole point, everything else is just commentary­.

Danielle, maybe you could post a monthly Hitchens article. He wrote on many subjects, some could be similar to the events we will see in 2012 and the years ahead. Thanks for this piece.

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