A highly significant visit | MY COMMENT

A highly significant visit — Arab News
January 14, 2012

MY COMMENT — There is no doubt at all that the new China is a powerful balancing force for this world in this 21st century. Under the leadership of President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiaboa China has grown exponentially and not just in the economic sphere.

Holding the Olympics in China, the establishment and enhancement of bi-lateral ties with many nations and the financing and partnership in mega-projects by China, such as the LHPP in Lesotho, would have been unthinkable prior to year 2000.

China has recognized the need to convert it’s electricity grid to renewable energy as this becomes more economically feasible. With over 1.35 billion citizens, many living in close proximity to industry, clean air is at a premium. I wish China’s leaders well and hope their affinity for clean electricity continues and that with lower renewable energy costs now apparent, more of that capacity will be built.

China may have more to gain from this than any other country – and that’s even before factoring in millions or even billions of yuan of value-added green energy products that China can export to other nations. It would rank as yet another transformation China the country, could add to it’s international CV.

I predict, especially as time progresses, that those nations, corporations and individuals which treat China with respect will fare very well, as China has just begun it’s growth to full potential.

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