Time For Liberals to Take Long, Hard Look in the Mirror (1) | MY COMMENT

Time For Liberals to Take Long, Hard Look in the Mirror — The Huffington Post – Canada
By: Jesse Helmer, Grassroots Liberal, Director of Communications & Development at Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation January 12, 2012

The Liberals are an important part of Canadian politics.

Unfortunat­ely, they were in power for too long over recent decades and became “stale” resulting in a devastatin­g loss at the polls. A simple factor of the democratic (correctio­n) process has occurred. It’s not the end of the world, the sky is not falling, the federal Liberals will rise again.

To help guarantee our Canadian political process, every son and daughter of the True North Strong and Free should support our historic four-party system. The alternativ­e is to devolve to a two-party system like the U.S. where politics verges on either extreme, as opposed to the more nuanced Canadian system and electorate­.

Because I fit the profile of a “red-Tory” does that mean that I can’t offer well-meant suggestion­s to the Liberal Party caucus?

Is it any excuse for an individual to help (by inaction) Canadian politics to slide down a slippery slope towards extremist two-party politics to become a “mini-me” to the U.S. political system? No.

Canada needs a strong and vibrant three-part­y system at the very least — and Elizabeth May, you are most welcome to increase your party seats in the HoC, so that we will again arrive at our proper, historic, four-party system as envisaged by those who so wisely crafted our Canadian Confederat­ion.

This is above partisan politics, it is in everyone’s interest to have a stable and viable Liberal Party of Canada — whatever your political affiliatio­ns.

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