God Blast Our Queen! – by Daniel Alexandre Portoraro | MY COMMENT

God Blast Our Queen! — The Huffington Post – Canada edition
by Daniel Alexandre Portoraro

MY COMMENT — Everyone is certainly entitled to their point of view.

I for one, am proud to be a citizen of a country which, since it’s founding has promoted democratic rights and freedoms for individual­s. We inherited much from the founding nations of Canada — Great Britain and France. Our “Father” and “Mother” if you will allow me use of the expression­.

Our entire legal system is a carefully crafted mix of British criminal law and French ‘tort’ or civil law. We simply couldn’t have successful­ly made the transition to a modern nation-sta­te without the benevolent assistance of our founding nations — of which our Monarchy was and remains a part.

Because we don’t depend on either country (or the Monarchy) on a day-to-day basis anymore (quite unlike our early days) should we speak abusively of them and try to minimize their many contributi­ons?

Just because your Mother is getting old and you no longer need her assistance daily, should you just toss her into the nearest dumpster on your way to work?

Ungrateful in the extreme

For those who think we should drop the Royal Family on account of every country on Earth having ‘blood on it’s hands’ (including Great Britain) if you go back far enough: Should we drop trade with Japan or Germany on account of WWll? Seriously? Do you agree with everything the U.S.A. has done? Should we drop trade and relationships with them on account of Viet Nam, the Spanish-American war, Iraq, etc? How about other countries with blood on their hands? That would be all the countries, by the way.

Apparently, the Monarchy costs each Canadian $1.53 per year. Wow, $1.53! The Queen and many of the Royals are our biggest boosters and look for opportunities to promote our national interests. Why? Because we are part of a family — the Commonwealth. Our success is their success!

I wish the government would commission a cost benefit analysis, once-per-decade, showing the Monarchy’s net contribution to Canada and not just in dollar terms — although that would also compare very favourably. You’d be surprised!

Finally, for those who admire the republican model of government, the U.S. beckons. We wish you well! Bon voyage!

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