United States: Nuclear Energy Picking Up Momentum | MY COMMENT

United States: Nuclear Energy Picking Up Momentum  in ENERGYBOOM.COM
By JOSEPH BAKER ON January 20, 2012

MY COMMENT — With proper safeguards and spent-fuel disposal, nuclear can do.

Under the right conditions, and I’m talking about rigorous design and location standards, robust redundancies and state of the art security — small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear plants could be a real asset to North American energy needs.

For one example, placing a nuclear plant on geologically-active strata (most of California) is a very bad idea. Ask Japan about that.

Japan has shut down most of it’s 54 nuclear plants and is now burning fossil-fuels to replace that electricity and has just signed an ongoing agreement with Saudi Arabia to supply Japan with THREE TIMES THEIR GROSS 2010 OIL IMPORT TOTALS.

Germany is getting out of the nuclear power business completely and since Fukushima, is now doing it sooner than planned.

The sweet part of small-scale nuclear plants is that they mesh seamlessly with solar and wind power. Along with sustainable energy, geo-thermal and nuclear, “all clean electricity — all the time” for the entire continent could now be well-within our grasp.

Notwithstanding America’s huge coal reserves, coal is better used for Coal-To-Liquid fuels (CTL) and other highly-value-added synthetic products — and for export to better the U.S. balance-of-trade account.

With world-class standards, modular nuclear could be an outstanding asset.

Without those high standards in place, I’m against it.

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