Obama Unveils Energy Initiatives In Las Vegas | MY COMMENT

Obama Unveils Energy Initiatives In Las Vegas
Lucia Graves in The Huffington Post | January 26, 2012

MY COMMENT — President Obama’s idea of linking natural gas pipelines is a good one.

As Wikipedia states: “Natural gas is often described as the cleanest fossil fuel, producing less carbon dioxide per joule delivered than either coal or oil and far fewer pollutants than other hydrocarbo­n fuels.”

The environmen­tal comparison between toxic crude oil pipelines and natural gas pipelines, favours natural gas pipelines by a substantia­l margin.

As for offshore drilling inside U.S. waters, the EPA should have the legal right to cancel the lease of any operator with poor safety or spill at that location and be required by law, to hand the platform over to another company in good standing with the EPA.

That would be one way to reduce spills attributed to drilling platforms and reduce injury or death to workers.

China is out-compet­ing the U.S. on solar panel and wind turbine manufactur­ing and exports. If the U.S. ramps up it can compete, make money at it – and regain lost market share.

It is a huge world-wide market. As Steve Bolze, the President and Chief Executive of GE Power and Water recently said; “Solar is a $100 million business. It’s not a big part of our portfolio, but when you look at it over the course of the next five to 10 years, this could easily be our next billion-do­llar business.” — The National

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