Will Global Sustainability Ever Be Possible?

by John Brian Shannon

If you haven’t seen these two short videos on demographics and sustainability from Professor Hans Rosling take the time to do it now. Hans at his best!

If you prefer to watch video 1 at www.ted.com click here>> “Hans Rosling Shows the Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen”

If you prefer to watch video 2 at http://www.ted.com here>> “Hans Rosling on Global Population Growth”

Bonus video from The Economist: “VideoGraphic: Global Fertility”

Bonus article from The Economist: “Go Forth and Multiply a Lot Less”

John Brian Shannon

John Brian Shannon


I write about green energy, sustainable development and economics. My blogs appear in the Arabian Gazette, EcoPoint, EnergyBoom, Huffington Post, United Nations Development Programme, WACSI — and other quality publications.

“It is important to assist all levels of government and the business community to find sustainable ways forward for industry and consumers.”

Green Energy blog: http://johnbrianshannon.com
Economics blog: https://jbsnews.wordpress.com
Twitter: @JBSCanada


2 thoughts on “Will Global Sustainability Ever Be Possible?

  1. istanbul October 31, 2012 / 08:21

    Can Donald Trump build a hotel or a condo in the middle of central park?
    Would you let that happen?
    From rainforests to urban forests..
    When are you going to realize that it is not a solution when you destroy the natural life and native lands of a city and build concrete blocks over it?
    Well, a terrible future will take place in the city of Istanbul where Ali Agaoglu, one of the emerging monsters of new construction projects in Istanbul is killing centuries old forests to construct a 320.000 square meter building complex by cutting centuries old trees and disrupting natural life in Istanbul. it is stated that Arab sheiks already bought couple of towers from the same complex.
    Who will stop this monster?
    google “maslak 1453” you will see and hopefully do something before it is too late..

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