Tesla Model S Rentals Now Available In Los Angeles Via MPG Car Rental

by Nathan

MPG Car Rental
MPG Car Rental, rents “Green Cars” at Venice Beach, California. Image Credit: MPG Car Rental

The Tesla Model S — the best car ever reviewed, according to Consumer Reports — is now available to rent in the Los Angeles area, via MPG Car Rental. MPG Car Rental is a rental company that deals exclusively in “green” vehicles.

The addition of the Model S to the fleet, according to the company, is partly as a result of the car’s qualities and great popularity, and partly the result of the company’s “commitment to stay current with the latest green technologies for forward-thinking travelers in Los Angeles,” a commitment that is clearly reflected by the company’s possession of a large fleet of quality electric vehicles, hybrids, and TDI vehicles.

The press release provides more info:

From their headquarters in Venice Beach, California, MPG provides an affordable green transportation alternative in Los Angeles. Environmentally conscious travelers visiting the Los Angeles area this holiday season can reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability by choosing the all-new, all-electric Tesla Model S for ground transportation. The staff of Motor Trend estimated the Tesla Model S would use the electric equivalent of 118 mpg on the popular holiday road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Drivers can expect around 31 miles of range per hour of charge.

Other notable technologies featured in the Tesla Model S include a truly keyless entry, which can unlock the door and even start the car without leaving your pocket; futuristic door handles that retract into the body to streamline airflow, or slide-out when the driver approaches, and a charger cord as simple to use as the one for your phone. The Model S charger is compatible with both 240-volt outlets or 120-volt.

Among the other high-quality vehicles available for rent from MPG Car Rental, there’s the BMW i3, the Chevy Volt, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the Toyota Prius, and a couple of others. Seems like a good opportunity for those in the area to give the Model S a good thorough testing, especially if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to get one. Or, for that matter, even just to give it a go, while imagining that you can afford to own one.

On that note…. “For travelers who may be interested in owning an electric or hybrid car MPG offers a test before you buy program called MPG Test Drive. If you end up purchasing the car you rented from a MPG affiliated dealer you will be reimbursed for up to four days of your rental period.”

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