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Malmö, Sweden ‘Climate Neutral’ by 2030

Malmö, Sweden Has a Goal that the City as a Whole Should be ‘Climate Neutral’ by 2030

In Malmö, Sweden; Hållbarheten, a unique residential building replete with smart technology
Malmö, Sweden has a goal that the city should be Climate Neutral by 2030 and is taking aggressive steps towards their goal, especially regarding Green Buildings. “In Hållbarheten, residents produce their own energy, control their energy consumption, and evaluate which energy solutions are most effective without giving up comfort. In addition, most residents have access to electric or gas cars in order to evaluate sustainable transportation solutions. The residents share their experiences with us, so that we can further develop solutions for larger scale use elsewhere.” Image and information courtesy of E.ON

Hållbarheten has one of Sweden’s most advanced system for measuring and controlling energy consumption. Every flat has more than 100 meters, which continuously provide information about temperature and consumption.
With a tablet or smartphone the residents can view and control their energy consumption and comfort level, even when they are out. Thanks to the unique hourly measurements, they know when the electricity is cheapest. — Information courtesy of E.ON


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