China Forecast To Install Even More Solar Than Previously Thought

by Nicholas Brown.


Image Credit: Solarbuzz PV Market Analysis.

The amount of solar power forecast to be installed in China in 2014 was recently increased to 12 GW, according to a report released by the Chinese Bureau of Energy on November 14, 2013.

This includes 8 GW of distributed photovoltaic solar systems and 4 GW of ground-mount systems. While both distributed solar and ground-mount solar systems have their drawbacks, both of them hold important places in the energy industry. Ground-mount systems take up ground space, but they save the day in cases where rooftops lack space. This is especially important to commercial buildings.

Roof-mounted systems don’t require extra expenditures for the land, and the roof space they occupy likely wasn’t needed for anything else.

The Jiangsu Province will have the best solar PV market share, according the the new report, with 1.3 GW of quotas within the pipeline. The Shandong Province will follow, at 1.2 GW, and the Zhejiang Province will come in third, at 1.1 GW.

Ground-mount systems will likely continue to dominate the Chinese PV market during 2014, but the Bureau of Energy stated that the allocation to the ground-mount segment may be adjusted, depending on the progress of photovoltaic installations in 2014. Despite the dominance of ground-mount systems, distributed applications will increase.

From Steven Han on Analyst Blog:

“According to our research, the increase in solar PV demand from China is now driving the total Asia Pacific (APAC) baseline forecast to 24 GW for 2014, with an upside as high as 32 GW. The increase from the APAC region is a major contributor to our upgrade of global forecasts for 2014 to the 45-55 GW level. Similar to 2013, China is again forecast to be the largest country for solar PV demand next year.”

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This article, China Forecast To Install Even More Solar Than Previously Thought, is syndicated from Clean Technica and is posted here with permission.

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Commercial Solar PV In China Primed For Growth Surge

by Cynthia Shahan — Special to JBS News

China’s Bureau of Energy has announced a designated group of Distributed PV Generation Application Demonstration parks. This focus on self-consumption of photovoltaic solar power generation by the Bureau of Energy moves China in a clear direction. Over 1.8 GW of solar PV pipeline was approved (out of which up to 750 MW may begin construction in 2013).

The rooftop segment of the Chinese PV market, along with the desired supply pipelines, will expedite completion of the remarkable renewable energy plans.

First Batch of Distributed PV Generation Application Demonstration Parks by regions (MW)

Steven Han from Solarbuzz has more regarding this noteworthy news from China:

Until now, financing and tariff distribution timeliness have been major barriers for developer groups. Sources say that additional policies will be established in the second half of year to lower these barriers.

All sixteen commercial developer groups and two utility developer groups can now receive FITs of CNY 0.42/kWh, in addition to the desulfurization tariff. In some regions, such as Jiangsu and Anhui, developer groups can also receive extra rebates.

Figure 2: All developer groups have promised to use no less than 70% of their PV power generation Source: NPD Solarbuzz

Everyone in the solar industry is keeping a close eye on China. The country has very ambitious solar PV growth plans, and it has increased those on a number of occasions. From small-scale solar to utility-scale solar projects, China is sailing forward with solar PV.

The country’s 2015 solar PV target (21 GW) is currently quadruple the 2015 target (5 GW) it had set in 2010. The urgency, from what coal power plants are doing to the country and the world, is quite clear.

This article, Commercial PV In China Primed For Growth Surge, is syndicated from Clean Technica and is posted here with permission.

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