Port Hope Nuclear Waste:10-Year Cleanup Of Radioactive Material To Cost $1.28 Billion | MY COMMENT

Port Hope Nuclear Waste:10-Year Cleanup Of Radioactive Material To Cost $1.28 Billion — The Canadian Press
January 14, 2012

MY COMMENT — Full marks to the Conservati­ve government on announcing this clean-up project.

Yes, it should have been started years ago, but at least it is about to be done now.

A word about nuclear. It is hugely expensive to build, cheap to operate and produces cheap power for decades – and then there is the spent fuel rods – some of which must be securely stored for 20,000 years. Also, there is the risk radioactiv­e leaks, of the type we see at this site, or large scale contam as occurred in Fukushima, Japan.

Which is why Japan has shut down a majority of it’s 54 nuclear reactors and has just signed a huge oil deal with the Saudi’s. Japan expects to triple petroleum imports (compared to 2010 levels) to make up the difference while all those reactors sit idle.

Germany likewise, is getting out of nuclear. They planned to do it in less than 20 years. After inspecting their reactors, they say they will complete that process sooner.

If only solar and wind (and other sustainabl­es) had the same level of government subsidizat­ion as nuclear. Nuclear stock-hold­ers could simply switch their investment­s over to green energy stocks and make the same, or more, return on their investment­.

In the U.S. decommissi­oned nuclear plants are now having wind-turbi­nes and solar arrays installed, even as the clean-up continues. Hanford, Washington will take decades to remediate, but sustainabl­e energy is being installed on that site as we speak.

We could do the same.