Mosaic Says ‘Put Solar On It’ in 2014!

by Nicholas Brown.

Oregon DOT solar project
Oregon DOT solar project

Mosaic has started a new year’s resolution campaign for 2014, motivating people to pledge to put solar systems on their own houses, schools, businesses, places of worship, and other places.

This works by entering the name and location of the place you want to install panels, your e-mail address on the “Put Solar On It” website, and then they will send you more information about how you can go about having solar panels installed.

Mark Ruffalo participated too (he played The Hulk in The Avengers).

According to Yahoo!, he said:

“I’m helping put solar on my kids’ school to save the school money and free up resources that will be aimed at their education instead of fossil fuels.”

“We can also demonstrate the shining future that is now within our grasp. I love that Mosaic is making it possible for all people to participate in an economy meant for all — the solar economy. We are powerful.”

That was inspiring. Hopefully, it contributes to the already significant momentum the solar industry in the US has gained. The solar industry is growing so quickly, that this year, a solar system was installed every four minutes in the US.

Yahoo! added:

“The “Put Solar On It” resolution is part of significant national momentum.

In 2013, a solar installation was installed every four minutes throughout the US and the price of a solar panel dropped to 60% of 2011 prices, according to the US Solar Energy Industries Association and Greentech Media Research.

The nation installed more clean energy than coal, oil, and nuclear combined, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

According to the Solar Foundation and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the solar industry is creating jobs at four times the rate of the economy at large.”

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Photo credit: OregonDOT / / CC BY.

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