Largest Wind Turbine in the World Installed in Denmark

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On Tuesday the world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine swung into gear at the Danish National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild.

The prototype V164-8.0 MW wind turbine is 720 feet tall, has 260-foot blades, and can generate 8 MegaWatts of power — enough to supply electricity for 7,500 average European households or about 3000 American households.

The world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine (8 MW) being tested at the Danish National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild, Denmark.
A great example of Renewable Energy in action. The world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine (8 MW) undergoing testing at the Danish National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild, Denmark.

A joint venture between Vestas and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the turbine is slated to go into production next year and was designed to take advantage of the growing offshore wind industry across Europe.

We have now completed the production, testing, and installation of the V164-8.0 MW as planned, thanks to the team’s intense effort during a time when Vestas has reduced its investments and lowered fixed costs.

We now look forward to evaluating the turbine’s performance on site. — Anders Vedel, Chief Technology Officer, Vestas

According to the European Offshore Wind Industry, 418 offshore turbines came online last year, providing 1,567 MW of capacity. That brought the total offshore wind capacity in Europe to 6,562 MW with just over 2,000 turbines, enough to provide 0.7 percent of the EU’s electricity.

The European Offshore Wind Industry estimates that by 2020 Europe’s offshore grid should have a capacity of 40 GigaWatts and by 2030 it should have 150 GW, enough to provide 14 percent of the EU’s electricity demand.

Britain has the most installed offshore wind capacity with 3.68 GigaWatts while Denmark is a distant second with 1.27 GW.

Vestas is Europe’s second leading wind turbine manufacturer, after Siemens, a German company. As of last year Vestas had installed 27 percent of Europe’s offshore wind turbines, or 547, compared to Siemens 1,249, or 60 percent.

This article, Largest Wind Turbine In World Ready For Production, is syndicated from Clean Technica and is posted here with permission.

Vestas Expands ‘Act On Facts’ Campaign To Sweden, The UK, And Ireland

by Nathan

Image Credit: Acts on Facts/Vestas
Image Credit: Acts on Facts/Vestas

Wind energy giant Vestas recently made the announcement that it’s expanding its wind energy education campaign — Acts on Facts — to the Swedish, UK, and Irish markets. The campaign was created to educate the general public, and to help counter some of the common misconceptions about the renewable energy source.

“Wind energy projects are being put at risk by an increasingly organized and influential anti-wind movement. The Act on Facts campaign is designed to counter factually flawed arguments and misinformation and to tip the balance back in wind energy’s favour,” stated Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President globally responsible for marketing, communications, and public affairs. The recent announcement was made at the VIND 2013 wind industry conference in Stockholm.

Per Witalisson, CEO of Eolus Vind AB, added: “We’ve seen projects delayed and even cancelled as a result of public opposition. It’s one thing if the concerns are well-founded and based on real information. It’s a completely different matter when scare-mongering is the source of the problems. We’re pleased to support Vestas’ initiative. It’s long over-due.”

“We know that most people actually want more wind energy in their countries. Politicians and other decision makers just need to hear that more often. So, congratulations to Vestas for taking this step. You’ve done a great job creating an innovative, professional campaign,” agreed Matilda Afzelius, Development Manager, Nordisk Vindkraft AB.

The Acts on Facts campaign was started earlier this year in Australia — you can find out more about it on the campaign’s official website.

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This article, Vestas Expands “Act On Facts” Campaign To Sweden, The UK, And Ireland, is syndicated from Clean Technica and is posted here with permission.

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